torsdag 26 maj 2011

The previous

Lets face it. Not many teachers read these blogs werry often. I have one teacher in partickular in mind... I deduct this from the lack of comments, both in the blog and at school. Seamingly, not many teachers checked or at least comented anything sence 2011-03-03 / 2011-03-11) for a very long time witch indicates that, they don't check the bloggs werry often. Nor that they check the responses on their comments that they made on these dates.

I, myself, have not written much sense I noticed this. My intress died a little when I did. Resistance is formless! And my strategy is low but to the point. The result: worse then I thought. No comments about anything, not even the old entrys. Time to play catch-up was indeed given.In short: there are not a lot of coments in this blogg. Witch I think is sad sence it, I thougt, was a way to comunicate with the teachers during this lessonless time...

Anyway... or rather meanwhile:
I have not been ilde during this time, I have continued on with all of the projects. Bought runingshoes and hit the outdoor tracks, acctualy been to the gym gym and also done the F&S-activities. For a period of time I went every day every week, save 2 days/week for resting and recovery. But I have also lost the "go" or rather this rutine, this due to (myself and) cicumstanses outside of my controll. Now I am glad if I can get 2 days/week for exercise. But I did buy runnigshoes from an expert dealer.

I have also had time to finish a whole lot of projects, even start and finsh new ones. I am pleased, not only with what I have done, but also with knowing that I can produce this amount and quality, given the chanse and time. Of corse, the circumstances cud have been better...

When it comes to makeuplessnes (makeupness) I have come to a conclution of sorts: I feel comfortable both with and without it and also: there is a time and a place for both. Dressing sassy without feels weird and puting it on to stay home also feels weird.

I have also continued with the painting project, witch in it self turned out to be as formless as any. I have explored the forless world with a camera and much more. I wont list all of them here so instead come and cheek them out at Konstfack in Sweden. They will be there until this sunday...

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