söndag 24 april 2011

TrArt, GarbArt, Nart, Nort,

I am curently 4 the most part interested in what is and is not art, what can be and what can not be. And the Y...

It has been a while...

Sence my last entry, witch also is a change... I have noticed that if I "go all in" to/with something it usuarly workes out. I am accually gonna try to write less... Witch gives you, the reader, a chanse to chatch up with all my entries :)

Futher more: easter is soon behind us, and with it, loads of candy and yummy cramy food, all day, every day. Yes, I had a tendensy to "sneek-eat" candy all day, every easter-day. 30 seconds in the mouth, and 30 years on the hip... Or as that realy rich woman in that ving-comercial saied: "Att ta en extra tårt(/godis) bit och inte gå till gymmet... Ni vet vad jag menar". And beeing away for the holiday, that has been my reality. But today I acctuarly ran some hills at the "el-ljusspå-ret" forest-track. I hope to contiue outside...

I have gone for the most part makeupless...

onsdag 13 april 2011

Spur of the moment

5 hrs ago I had no plan what so ever to go to F&S, figuring that I should save my strength for this evenings activities. But at approximately 10.45 I packed my bag and headed for the bus. Normaly I wolud not have taken the bus but I wanted to catch a fitnes class. After the mid-level-class, witch realy put the S in F&S, I hit the gym. I did what I had planed but one thing: the iron bar... and I don't have a good excuse realy... I'll do better next time, I hope. I also hit the tredmil (of course). This time I tried a program "hill", let's just say that there's room for improvement...

This evening I'm kajaking in a pool...


Yesterday I tried Bosu, witch is a ball divided in ½. Focusing on strengthening the core of the body and balance. I found it to be fun but I am sorry to say that I eant got any sore muscles today.

After the session, I hit the threadmil and ran 4 10 min (a,e 1113 sp9)

måndag 11 april 2011


Today I had my WS. It went ok. Originally the plan was 4 the whole class to go on a guided tour of the subwaysystem during school hrs. But that was to costly. I changed it in a homework-assignment - to ride the subway. Thereby I also have lots of forgiveness for those that haden’t had time to go on the free tours that are available to the public. The minimal demand for any and all participants where that they had taken a ride on the subway, or similar, in recent years.

I decided to proceed with the ws even if the original plan had to be altered. This because the core was still the same. I was also inspired by the powerconcept from Elinors workshop. Order your friends around and you'll see...

Maybe they wont fo anything, like in this case. No one went on the guided tour. The opertunieties to do so did indeed suck so I don't blame them. What I did not count on was that they got so "snowed-in" on the art-part of the assigment, in the discussion. What I had planed was a discussion about the non-paces that we pass every day, such as the subway. And about how often we stop and look at the artwork? Or just to watch the stream of people? Or even think about it? I had hoped that they would now had done that - participated in something that opposed the “normal” movement and “culture” in the subwaysystem, to move in to a train a.s.p. I had hoped that they not only had seen the free art but also the entropy and felt the pulse.

The bace, heart, what I wanted to point out and show was the same as my foucus during this semester: that even what we think is not art, can be art. To me, what we participate in when we ride the subway is both pulse and entropic (and a bit low/basic,).

The pulse to me is the waves of people that flow into and out of the trains, the trains themselves and the high and low in rush-hrs and non-rush-hrs. Much like the human pulse, witch also has a work phase and a rest – both when it comes to the pulse itself and rest/high activity… Our pulse is the pulse within the pulse.

The entropy that I see is much like the antwars on the TV. It looks very much the same but it never is. It is not possible to redo/copy or undo, to much has changed, you are older, your shoes a bit more torn, your hart does not beat the same, it is not the same people there, u step in different places, it is a different train witch stops a millimeter from where the last one was. Your thought pattern is not the same. People are mixed and can never be the same again. The molecules has all moved - changed. It happens once this way, then never again…

(I find it to be low cause it is treated as such. I find it to be basic cause it is. Filthy.)

After de (the) discussion, witch originally was planed to take place after the guided tour with what was left of the 3 hrs of the WS witch would not have been much. I had a second activity planed. I sent them out and about go collect 4-5 individually hand drawn world maps. They encurraged to get someone else to do it but they could also do one themselvs.

“Everybody” knows what the world looks like. But do they realy? Maybe the conception of the outlining of the continents are as formless as any… To recognize the world map is, I think, easier then actually reproducing it. But how can something so static, be so dynamic (assumption). Countries change quite often but the continents stay (much) the same. Yet, as the result showed whole contients, countries, coud get missplaced or even forgotten. Don't laugh untill you have tried it yourself. The result is now on display in A4.

But then what is knowledge? Is knowledge formless or just dynamic, theoretic or a perception, un opinion. What is true? What is real? A fealing? A idea? If the ideaworld is the closest to truth that the simple human mind can come, then wtf does the world look like?


On f-day I left 4 another trainingcamp. It was not as tuff as the fist one, they where presst for time so they were quite lenient on us and my feet thanks them. Even so, I must ceep pushing my self at the gym. But not today, however, rest is also important for the welfare of the body - or so I've heard...

onsdag 6 april 2011

Just back

Yes, realy. Back from "lunchgympa" and to spice it up a bit I went there (to the gym) and ran for like 10 minutes. (a, e < a b 1 3). Needless to say, I was warm when lunchgympan began...

I am doing and noting a lot here on the blogg, when it comes to this project, but let's not forget that I also have other projects on the side, that are equally important to me. I am simply werry stressed.

tisdag 5 april 2011

Just back

No, not realy, I got back 2 hrs ago, from Box 80, on F&S. It was fun, reliving my earlyer boxing experience. I'll shall return... Oh, and also, after that class I took a spinn on the treadmill. Kmin H,A

The way they are planed...

Things don't always go the way they are planed... Maybe one (I) should not have so many planes... But I am gonna ceep trying...

I hope that was cryptic enough ;)

måndag 4 april 2011


I have bought a canvas for my dripp-project, fixed good-to-have-pannå, worked some on the say-what-project, including posting an example of the posters on one of the schoolwalls. It will be interesting to se the how that pans out. That plus a new project; a leaf-projectm, maybe even a re-leaf-project. Witch is a small project, but pretty :D

F-day, sat-day, sun-day n to-day

Crawl, as usual, on friday and on saturday I had a 4 h trainingday in water. It involved jumping from a 3,5 m high tower, climbing in to rafts and swimming 200 m with clotes on...

Sunday, I should have been resting but instead I went to the gym, ran for like 10 minutes +, hit un arobics clas and then I continued in the gym.

Needless to say I had 1 day of rest last week. This, I've heard, is not good for the body. It needs to rest, as well, to build and rebuild. This played a major part to-day when I battled with my self, wether or not to go to yoga. I ended up at home, in front of the television...

During this project I have often gotten the question if I have measured, weighted or photographed "pre-me" so that I can compare the pre-me with the post-me. This is not the purpose of this project I am not intrested in loosing weight etc. I am intrested in feeling good, getting a healthier body. I see it as an investment in my future health, as well as my curent.

It is interesting however, how some almost take the meassuring for granted - like: why bother if it is not measurable. Like: if it is not quantifiable, it does not count. Maybe is a symptom of a diseased and unwell world.

fredag 1 april 2011

This and that

I have now purchased paint for my paintproject. I did not get the kind that I sought (they did not have it) and this kind might be to loose/watery/diluted. But I bought it and I am gonna try it.

I have also finished a little project in witch I have framed a pice that was about to be disregarded as trash but in witch I saw a face - and art.